China's Inner Mongolia to expand coverage of sand control

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HOHHOT -- North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region plans to expand the coverage of its efforts to treat desertified and sandy land, said the regional forestry and grassland bureau.

In 2024, Inner Mongolia plans to plant over 3 million mu (about 200,000 hectares) of trees, along with over 13 million mu of grass, and treat over 15 million mu of desertified and sandy land.

Inner Mongolia, this year, will spare no efforts in carrying out the Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program, a large-scale afforestation project. It will also further integrate sand control with installation of wind power and solar energy, as well as step up monitoring the project execution to ensure the planted trees and grass survive.

In 2023, the region had planted over 5.56 million mu of trees, grown over 17.43 million mu of grass, and treated over 9.5 million mu of desertified and sandy land, well ahead of the annual targets.

Home to four of the country's major deserts and four major sandy areas, Inner Mongolia has long been plagued by desertification and sandy land, and in recent years, the region has stepped up its afforestation efforts.